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Dear Friends,

     With some sadness, I want to let you all know the time has come for me to leave and close my  church ministry.  This decision has been a long time coming. We’ve had wonderful times and challenging ones.  Of all the things I’ve given my all to in my life, I saved the best until last. I love people and it has been an honor and privilege to have served you for 13 ½ years. I’ve been in church leadership since 1980 and it is now time to rest, relax, maybe do a little traveling and     spiritual service without all the responsibilities associated with running a church.  After my dear husband, Bob, passed away in May 2011 our church was a lifesaver for me and I knew he’d want me to stay for awhile.  He supported me and the church 110%, built some beautiful furniture, including the lecturn.  He spent his life doing things for others and his family and home.   I am at peace with my decision that it is now time to serve spiritually in new directions.
.  We’ve had hundreds of wonderful folks pass through our doors in all these years.  Many moved away, some enjoyed whatever they received for a time, some have gone on to the higher life,  and some have been faithful members since the church was founded.  I always kidded that we should have named it “The Church of the Wayfarer.”  If all the people who passed through were  here, we would fill half of the space in the center.

     I want to thank all of you, including our friends from abroad, from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support through the years.  Our wonderful, dedicated staff –I could never have done it without them, and of course, all of you in our congregation have brought such a wonderful spirit and energy to our church.  You all are the reason we were here.  I will not see some of you again, but I’m so blessed  that you were a part of my life and I  wish for you an abundance of good health and a life lived with love.  May God bless all of you abundantly.  I leave you my love. 

Rev. Virginia Anderson
Pastor ….June, 2000-January 31, 2014